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V.I.P TOTS strives to provide a high-quality learning center for children ages of infanthood to 5 years old. We believe that your child is indeed a Very Important Person, and a precious gift from God, unique and wonderfully made. Our goal is to step up alongside parents to encourage the child in their uniqueness. We provide an academically excellent curriculum as well as a safe and loving environment for your child to grow and explore the world around them. We also believe that Good nutrition is fundamental in the physical and intellectual growth of the young child. That is why we serve homemade fresh organic meals daily and make eating time an equally essential part of our program.

V.I.P Tots Philosophy

· Each child is fearfully and wonderfully made by God; therefore, the spirit of the child is who he or she is and our first priority.

· Children should be encouraged inspired and treated with respect. It is our’ job to teach in this manner.

· Each child learns at his or her own pace and in his or her own way. this is part of their uniqueness. Our job is to introduce different concepts for each learning style to explore.

· Children learn best by simply experiencing the world around them. It is our great pleasure to make sure their environment is most importantly safe, as well as nurturing, secure and developmentally appropriate.

· Small children need nutritious food to develop physically and mentally. This is where they start to develop their eating habits for life. Good Nutrition is fundamental in early childhood.

· We believe a nutritious diet is crucial in physical, cognitive and intellectual growth of every child. V.I.P Tots has a unique menu, as we only serve organic homemade meals. Our fruits and veggies, dairy and grains are completely organic. Our meats are free range, grass fed with no antibiotics or added hormones. Minimal to no preservatives, chemical, or pesticides in any of our foods. Our menus are on a seasonal rotation and children are introduced to new tasty foods weekly.

· V.I.P Tots believes each child has a unique way of learning concepts. We teach in supporting the 7 different learning styles so that the children are meeting their childhood milestones at their own pace and uniqueness.

· V.I.P TOTS teaches a unique curriculum that captivates children’s attention through song, games, and memorization. Sing Spell Read and Write is a unique curriculum that teaches phonics to small children in a fun and exciting way.

· V.I. P Tots has incorporated the uniform into our program as statics prove children tested higher in schools that wear uniforms. They showed a more personal connection with their peers and teachers as well as a deeper sense of belonging to their school and classroom inspiring them to want to participate in activities and assignments.

V.I.P Tots has only Great teachers!!

“The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.”
William Arthur Ward


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